Rating Name Description
0 Webs (WBS) Build a professional website fast with beautiful, flexible templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface - no programming required
0 CAREONCHAIN (REO) CAREON blockchain platform is develop for interaction between researchers, developer and hybrid vehicle manufactures
0 Flybycoin (FBTN) FlybyToken enables you to focus on enjoying your well deserved holiday or your exciting business trip
0 EGYPT (EGY) EGYPT (EGY) is the First Gold-backed Digital Currency that carry my country name Egypt. Every cryptocurrency is not backed with a real asset is a loss for investor’s money for nothing. EGYPT (EGY) is a Gold-backed Digital Currency which means no loss for investors.
0 TITA (TTN) The TITA Project is all about building a decentralised ecosystem powered by Blockchain technology for the buying and selling of locally or globally traded commodities and finished goods thereby setting up pedestals that enhance the financial systems of the communities where these commodities are produced
0 Batman (BMN) We are scaling to become an electronic shop for all Sellers and the Buyers all over the world, with our market having everything available for sale and purchase
0 HELIX Orange (HIX) The platform establishes a sustainable ecosystem for international investors and global Initial Coin Offerings projects. We want to make ICOs and token sales safe, smart and efficient
0 Verasity (VRA) A disruptive Video Sharing Platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent commercial relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers
0 AGATE (AGT) Agate is the world most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for instant payment without volatility risk to mainstream crypto adoption
0 Easy work (WORK) Easy work - is a platform for performers and customers who can beneficially and comfortably cooperate on the basis of the blockchain
0 Agrolot (AGLT) Agrolot Project is the decentralized platform on the B2B market for trading agricultural crops, food products, and is running as a crowdfunding project built on Blockchain technology with the idea of Smart Contracts
0 ICO Launcher (ICL) ICO Launcher is a crypto crowdsale platform, which allows blockchain community expand opportunities and the biggest new generation Blockchain Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales
0 Spotcoin (SPOT) Spotcoin is an economic platform designed to bridge the gap between legacy financial markets and emerging digital asset ecosystems
0 Trecento Token (TOT) Our objective is to capture the best investment opportunities driven by the Blockchain revolution, by offering a simple and trustworthy investment partner to our investors.
0 MonoToken (MBT) The goal of our project is to launch a new payment service in Ukraine that would rely on the use if blockchain technology for making cryptocurrency an everyday payment for the entire country and around the globe
0 Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin (HHEC) Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions mission is to commercially apply and financially exploit newly established green innovative energy patents that will secure cheap energy for the user and will offer solutions to the world’s current environmental challenges
0 VTOS (VTOS) VTOS is a decentralized CDN & social network built in an infrastructure which embraces the full application of blockchain technology
0 HomeMine (HMT) Passive mining on household electrical appliances
0 Innovative Bioresearch (INNBC) The biotech start up Innovative Bioresearch Ltd launched a Token sale for funding a low cost AIDS cure, a decentralized database for clinical data, and a Token spendable to buy actual physical goods such as classic iconic JDM cars.
0 Ubex (UBEX) Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources
0 Tutellus (TUT) Tutellus is the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world. We started in May 2013 and now we have a community of 1 million users from 160 countries, with over 130,000 video courses, positioning us as the leading platform in the market
0 Feniks.Finance (FENIX) Feniks.Finance can be used as an international banking system for information transfer and payment execution
0 Sonder (SNR) SONDER Project was developed to overcome the main barriers to full integration of blockchain-technologies into e-commerce market – high transaction fees, low speed and lack of transparency.
0 WinStars (WINS) Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core is built on Blockchain and smart contracts.